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Past tradition couples
with future technology

Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona estate has two wine cellars: the historical wine cellar, dedicated to the long ageing of the most prestigious wines located in the basement of the 17th century Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona Palace;

the new wine cellar, near the village of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, now the estate headquarters with fermentation, aging, refinement and storage facilities.

Palazzo Piccolomini historical cellar

The Palazzo stands in the heart of Castelnuovo dell' Abate

The Palazzo was erected in the XVII century by the Montalcino Bishop Fabivs de' Vecchis, Abbot of S. Antimo Abbey, Conte Palatino and Imperial Advisor. In 1985, Giuseppe Bianchini and his family decide to take up residence at the Palace that become the headquarters of the Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona estate.


With determination and pride, it maintains the traditions and culture that are part and parcel of the property.
The underground cellar in the Palazzo is the historical memory of the winery, able to evoke great suggestion to our visitors since always, keeps our oldest vintages, still possible to visit upon reservation.

Molinello cellar

The Molinello is a completely underground building, developped to benefit from an optimal and natural temperature. It was conceived and designed by Giuseppe Bianchini and erected at the end of the 90s, becoming now the estate headquarters, where winemaking processes take place. The cellar is provided with the best oenological equipments that allow a perfect alliance between modernity and tradition. 

The first fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats with temperature-controlled. Then, in a suggestive ageing cellar, heart of the winery, many oak barrels, from 10 to 75 Hl, keep our wines Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino for many years, giving elegance and typical flavors. After the ageing process in oak, a technological bottling and labelling line ends the entire process.