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Rare Italian Style

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biologico

Of the 220 ha Ciacci Piccolomini estate, 40 ha is planted to olive trees, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Olivastra.

To obtain our Extra Virgin Olive oil we implement sustainable farming practices: we make the most of the natural fertility of the soil and we annually bring various organic fertilizations. Through periodic pruning, limited interventions and using products that are not harmful to the environment and to the olive, it is possible to obtain a healthy olive at the right level of ripeness.

The harvesting carried out manually from mid-October of olives in the very early stages of ripening, allows to extract, by cold pressing in an organic mill, a particularly intense juice with very fruity aromas and a very low yield from which on average only 12 kg of product are obtained for each 100 Kg of olives harvested. Left to settle for thirty days and resting in the dark in stainless steel vats, the oil is kept intact, avoiding filtration to keep the organoleptic profile unaltered.

Waste Collection Decree
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emerald green with golden tints.

Organoleptic characteristics:

low acidity and a powerful structure. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is persistent, very aromatic, fruity and savoury flavour with note of artichoke. The final is hot, spicy with a bitterish aftertaste.


store at room temperature, far from light and heat.

Food pairings:

it suits every type of food. Excellent dressing for meat, fish, salade and soups.